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Marconite Electrically Conductive Aggregate

Marconite Electrically Conductive Aggregate

Marconite – Relied Upon By Specialists Where Other Materials Fail

Marconite is the world’s premium electrically conductive aggregate material.


Marconite is a granulated electrically conductive aggregate which replaces sand in mixes with cement, thereby providing electrically conductive concrete.

Marconite enables electrical engineers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions, even in difficult ground conditions when used as a backfill to enhance the effects of copper earth electrodes or rods.

Specifically developed and manufactured for the needs of the earthing industry, for over 40 years Marconite has allowed electrical engineers to tackle the toughest conditions and achieve the satisfactory earthing of installations across the globe.

Dark grey in colour and of a granular consistency, Marconite earthing replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials. The mix ratios should be 3 parts of Marconite to 1 part cement by weight with the addition of 1 litre of water per 4 Kg of total mix.

Marconite – The Benefits 

• Low resistivity : 0.001 ohm.m is extremely low (Bentonite 3 ohm.m).

• Versatile : suits most ground conditions and becomes a permanent, solid structure that it is not prone to shrinking, drying out or being washed away.

• Cost effective : permanent solution with no need to remove and replace or ‘maintain’ periodically with additional water / salts in order to achieve the desired earth values.

• Chemically inert : Marconite is non-corrosive to steel or copper, does not attack cement structures and has a pH within the neutral range.

• High strength : can be used as part of the building structure itself and achieve strengths higher than Grade 25 concrete.

• Easy to use : forms a concrete like material achieving a low resistance earth, no need to wait or return to test.

Marconite or Bentonite – What’s The Difference?

To draw distinction between the two, Marconite was originally developed by the Marconi company and is specifically manufactured for grounding/earthing applications. Bentonite is just a clay material that is dug out of the ground and happens to have limited moisture retaining properties.

 Marconite’s performance is reliable, predictable and permanent.

Marconite – Earthing Rail Power, Signals and Telecommunications (S&T) Infrastructure


V300ZEFIRO Electric Multiple Unit (EMU), Italy – Image : Bombardier.

Link-Up Approved

Link-Up Approved

Medium voltage (MV) substations providing electrification to rail networks require safe and reliable earthing and lightning protection. Typical MV distribution substations operating at 11kV, 25kV, 33kV and 66kV voltages provide trackside power and support current conversion – this can be with rectifiers for direct current (DC) trains, or rotary converters for trains using alternating current (AC).

Marconite Blog Highlights

T&D’s technical articles and blogs provide news, information and customer support.

Marconite Electrically Conductive Aggregate

T&D International deliver genuine Marconite to support global power projects.

Marconite – The Worlds Premium Electrically Conductive Aggregate 

Marconite electrically conductive aggregate provides effective earthing to renewable industry projects.

Marconite electrically conductive aggregate – earthing in the renewable industry.

Marconite Conductive Concrete

T&D International are Main UK Distributors for Marconite.

Integrity & Values. T&D are a world-class business committed to ensuring the correct installation and application of all products we distribute. Where applicable installer training and support services including site surveys can be made available.

Marconite Conductive Concrete is a registered product of the James Durrans Group and is solely produced by their subsidiary company Carbon International Limited. Distributed globally by Thorne & Derrick International.



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