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SEB Cable Laying & Pulling Equipment

Thorne & Derrick are the largest UK Distributor for SEB International - in this newsletter we provide product overviews, training videos, jointer tooling tips and technical articles about Cable Pulling & Laying.

SEB manufacture cable laying equipment for LV, MV, HV & EHV power, telecoms, fibre and umbilicals installed in onshore, offshore and subsea sectors.   

T&D distribute LV-HV Cable Installation, Jointing & Electrical Equipment - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV.


Trench & Duct


Cable rollers for pulling and laying LV, MV & HV cables into trenches and ducts.


Straight Cable Rollers

Corner Cable Rollers

Triple Cable Rollers

Suspension Cable Rollers

Cable Roller Range

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Cable Jacks

Hydraulic & Screw


Cable jacks lift, support and stabilise cable drums up to 30 tonnes enabling safe and efficient installation of LV, MV & HV cables.


Hydraulic Cable Jacks

Screw Cable Jacks

Cable Jack Towers

Cable Jacks

Cable, Pipe, Hose & Umbilicals


Cable socks support cables for pulling into trench, duct or offshore subsea -  diameters up to 20 inches and breaks exceeding 120,000lbs.


Single Eye Cable Socks

Double Eye Cable Socks

Lace Up Cable Socks

Non Conductive Cable Socks

Open Ended Cable Socks

Fibre Optic Cable Socks

High Pressure Hose Grips

Conduit Riser Cable Grips

Cable Socks

Conduit rods with high tensile strength and flexibility with 4-14mm diameters and up to 350m length.


Supplied on mobile frame with optional locatable sondes.


Conduit Rods

Conduit Rods

Cable drum trailers ensure safe loading, transportation and unreeling from cable drums up to 2800mm wide and 5000mm diameter with payload up to 48,000kgs.


Cable Drum Trailers

Cable Drum Trailers

Cable Replacement


Via T&D World we are privledged to present a video series showing MV cable replacement in Kansas USA. 


Shot-on-site watch cable pullers, splicers and linemen crews at work.

MV HV Cable Replacement
Cable Pulling
Centriforce Stokbord & Tapetile

T&D distribute an extensive range of Cable Protection for LV, HV, 11kV, 33kV, fibre optic, street lighting and utility applications.


Centriforce Centritile TapeTile

Centriforce Stokboard Covers

Concrete Cable Covers

Detectable Warning Tape

Cable Protection Range


VIDEO BLOG : The Importance Of Cable Protection Covers for Underground Cables

Underground Cable Protection

T&D stock and distribute Alroc tools removing cable sheath, insulation and screen from LV, HV, HV and EHV power cables.


Video Blogs - click and watch :


Alroc AMF5 55-160 NSCF Multi-Functional Tool

Alroc CWB18-60 Bonded Semi-Con Stripping & Removal Tool

Alroc PF3/06 Medium Voltage Lead Shield Removal Tool 

Cable Lubricants

T&D stock the full range of cable lubricants for safe and smooth power, fibre and telecoms cable installations.


Cable lubricants provide non-toxic, water-based pre-lubrication to ducting - this reduces friction and improves labour productivity.


Power Cable Lubricant - Techlube HD

Telecoms Cable Lubricant - Techlube M

Fibre Optic Cable Lubricant - Techlube FO

Cable Lubricants
Socomore PF-BR Bitumen Remover Wipes

T&D are distributors for Socomore Electrical & Cable Cleaning Products.


Watch the following Video demonstrating how Socomore PF-BR Bitumen remover Wipes are used to clean cables, generators, insulators, transformers, switchgear and motors on low, medium and high voltage electricity networks.


Video Blog - click and watch :


Video : How To Remove Bitumen From Cables, Switchgear & Transformers


Socomore PF-BR Bitumen Remover Wipes

• Cable Joints & Terminations
• Cable Glands 
Cable Cleats
• Earthing
• Cut Outs

Electrical Safety
• Cable Jointing Tools
Arc Flash Protection
• Cable Fault Locators
• Cable Protection
• Cable Pulling & Laying
• Duct Seals & Cable Transits
Feeder Pillars


500+ photographs from the worlds leading Jointers including :


LV Sicame & Tyco Joints

11kV Raychem Cable Joints

33kV NKT Plug Terminations

33kV 3M Cold Shrink Joints

40kV G&W PILC Joint

66kV Ericsson Oil-XLPE Joint

110kV Prysmian Screen Break

115kV G&W Oil Filled Joint

115kV NKT GIS Termination

132kV Brugg Cable Joint

132kV Prysmian Click-Fit Joint

132kV Pfisterer Joints & Plugs

275kV Prysmian Section Joint

345kV HPPT Straight Joint


Online Poll : Is The Art Of Cable Jointing Dead?

Cable Jointing
The Thorne & Derrick Power Archive #TBT
Overhead Lines & Underground Cables

Including :


A nostalgic collection of photographs, film and online galleries about the Electrical Power Industry.



Life On The Line - Linemen Gallery By T&D World

Splicing, Wiping & Laying Submarine Cable In San Francisco Bay (1936)   

Film - The Pylon Men (1966)  

Film - The Heart of the System

Cable Jointing Archive 


Overhead Lines & Underground Cables
Nexans MV Cold Shrink Cable Terminations
Nexans MV Cold Shrink Cable Terminations
Nexans MV Cold Shrink Cable Joints
Nexans MV Cold Shrink Cable Joints
Nexans AIN20 24kV Slip-On Indoor Cable Terminations
Nexans AIN20 24kV Slip-On Indoor Cable Terminations
Nexans AFNP36 33kV Slip-On Outdoor Cable Terminations
Nexans AFNP36 33kV Slip-On Outdoor Cable Terminations

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