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In this our 30th year of business, we focus on T&D International as the leading supplier of Electrical Heating solutions.

T&D's products heat pipework, drums, IBC's, hoses, tanks and workspaces - whether protecting against snow, frost and ice or providing process heating to commercial, industrial, manufacturing and hazardous area industries. 


•        Installing Heat Trace Cable - Training Videos

•        Electrical Safety - 10 Things You Need To Know

•        NEW : SA Equip Portable Hazardous Area Heaters

•        Frost Protection for Pipes, Tanks, IBC's & Drums

•        Cable Jointers Photoblogs (500+)

•        Infra-red Heaters For Winter Work Space Heating

•        Condition Assessment of HV Cables - EA Technology

•        Nexans Euromold - The MV Specialists

•        T&D's Industry Infographics

•        BLOG : Cable Pulling & Laying - Duct & Trench


Featuring Ellis Patents, ASCO, Thermon, CATU, 3M, Elster, Eltherm, Chromalox, Pfisterer and Roxtec.

T&D International, based in the UK, are leading Suppliers of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment.

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Heat Tracing


"Frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow......."


Winterising process plants, machinery and equipment means production can continue as normal through Winter.


Effective installation of products such as heat tracing cable can avoid simple maintenance headaches and even improve manufacturing efficiency.




Heat Tracing Cables
Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety - 10 Things you need to know

Read about Arc Flash Prevention, PD, Cable Faults, BS7671, Electrical Isolation and Live Working.


Receive 3 Arc Flash Software Calculators and an Electrical Safety Lock-out Tag-out Training Video.


Free download, Occupational Injuries From Electrical Shock & Arc Flash, Final Report (2015) by FPRF.


Featuring Littelfuse, Eaton, ABB, Crowcon, Safe-T-Rack, Panduit and CATU, the world leading manufacturer of LV MV HV Electrical Safety Equipment.

Electrical Safety
SA Equip Heaters


T&D are now official Sales Partners & Stockists for SA Equip - the world leader in portable ATEX heating solutions for hazardous areas, Zone 1 & Zone 2. 


Compact, powerful, user-friendly and portable for onshore and offshore electrical heating in the oil, gas and petrochem industries.


Read our Blog for more on the SA Equip range of portable ATEX heaters.  





SA Equip Flexiheat Portable ATEX Heater - Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas
SA Equip ATEX Heaters
Drum & IBC Heating Jackets

Drum & IBC heating jackets

T&D are the UK's largest stockist of Drum & IBC heaters for frost protection and process temperature maintenance.


Typical applications : sugars, oils, surfactants, fats (animal & vegetable), foodstuffs and chemicals.


T&D can provide container heating solutions for drums ranging from 25 to 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBC's with options available for custom solutions to suit client requirements.


Contact T&D sales for technical support and quotations

HISD Drum Heater
Drum & IBC Heaters
Crowcon Gas Detection

Now & Then - Gas Detection


Once upon time, mine workers relied upon a caged canary for gas detection.

Today, see how Crowcon's new T4 Portable Gas detector provides effective detection of 4 common gas hazards :

• Carbon Monoxide

• Hydrogen Sulphide

• Flammable Gases

• Oxygen Depletion              

Crowcon T4 Gas Detectors
Using Heat Tracing To Prevent Roof and Gutter Snow & Ice Build Up

Using Heat Tracing For Snow Melting & De-Icing On Roofs & Gutters

T&D have many years experience desiging and supplying heat tracing systems for roof and gutter heating applications. 

Snow build-up causes serious structural problems to roofs and buildings. These are typically divided into the problems from the added weight and then the flood damage issues that arise as the snow begins to thaw.

Roof Gutter Trace Heating
Heat Tracing
Heated Hoses





T&D custom design and supply heated hose technology for the transportation of gases on analytic applications and the transfer of fluids and vapours by high pressure heated hose.


• Gas Analysis
• Bitumen
• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Mechanical Engineering
• Automotive
• Food & Beverage
• Utilities – Water, Gas & Electricity
• Manufacturing

Heated Hoses
Specifying Nexans Euromold Connectors - MV Medium Voltage Bushing Interfaces A-F Explained

Specifying Nexans Euromold Connectors - MV Bushing Interfaces Explained

Nexans Euromold are world leading manufacturers of Screened Separable Connectors to enable the termination of medium voltage power cables onto outer cone bushings of switchgear, transformers and motors.


T&D provide an informative overview of the 6 Bushing Interfaces common to MV electrical equipment to enable the correct selection and specification.




Nexans Euromold Connectors
Cable Laying & Pulling - Installing LV-HV Cable In Duct

Tips & Tricks

Cable Laying & Pulling - Installing LV-HV Cable In Ducts & Open Trenches


In the following article T&D, the UK's leading distributor of SEB Cable Laying & Pulling Equipment, provide an overview of the techniques, methods and materials required to install LV-HV cables into i) duct and ii) open trench.


Cable Stokbords 11kV 33kV
Cable Laying & Pulling
Eltherm Heat Tracing Cables


This Video Masterclass from Eltherm demonstrates how to strip, terminate, gland, connect and seal heat trace cables for pipework frost protection or temperature maintenance applications.


Eltherm are a global leader in the manufacture of electrical heat tracing cable and systems - T&D, the electrical heating specialists, are Eltherm stockists.

Eltherm Heat Tracing Cables

The big read....

Cable Jointing Photos


Updated weekly and featuring 500+ photographs from LV-EHV cable jointers.

ABB                 Prysmian 

3M                   Sudkabel

Tyco                Nexans


• LV Sicame & Tyco Joints

• 11kV Raychem Cable Joints

• 33kV NKT Plug Terminations

• 33kV 3M Cold Shrink Joints

• 40kV G&W PILC Joint

• 66kV Ericsson Oil-XLPE Joint

• 110kV Prysmian Screen Break

• 115kV G&W Oil Filled Joint

• 115kV NKT GIS Termination

• 132kV Brugg Cable Joint

• 132kV Prysmian Click-Fit Joint

• 132kV Pfisterer Connex Joints & Plugs

• 275kV Prysmian Screen Break Joint

345kV HPPT Straight Joint

• 400kV Overhead Line Stringing


Online Poll - Is It The End Of True Cable Jointing?


Cable Jointing Photoblog
CATU Electrical Safety

CATU Electrical Safety

T&D stock CATU Electrical Safety Equipment protecting workers on underground cables, overhead powerlines, switchgear and substations at LV, MV, HV and EHV.


• Insulating Boots, Shoes & Gloves

• Voltage Detectors

• Portable Earthing & Short Circuit Kits

• Arc Flash Clothing

• Life Saving & Intervention Kits

• Insulating Switchgear Matting


11kV-33kV Voltage Detection Using CATU CC765-10/36 For Substations, Cables & Overhead Lines

CATU Dexteri+ Electrical Insulating Gloves For Electrical Engineers, Linesmen & Cable Jointers

CATU MV-232 Insulating Safety Shoes For Live Working

Live Line Working Methods - 400V, 33kV, 225kV & 400kV Voltages

CATU Electrical Safety
CATU Electrical Safety
Littelfuse PGR-8800 Arc Flash Relay

Littelfuse PGR-8800 - Improve Electrical Safety With Arc Flash Detection

Littelfuse protects LV-MV electrical equipment used in construction, general industrial, oil and gas, solar, mining and OEM applications offering a reliable selection of fuses, fuse blocks, protection relays and generator controls to improve safety and reduce downtime.


In a Guest Blog, Morten Mortensen explains the dangers of arc flash events and how the PGR-8800 arc flash relay can protect your plant and people.

Littelfuse PGR-8800 Arc Flash Relay
Littelfuse PGR-8800 Arc Flash Relay
T&D Marketing Equation

T&D Marketing Equation

T&D's social, online and digital marketing formula guarantees RESULTS - and behind all great formulas lies an even better equation.


Read T&D's Marketing Equation now and see how T&D can drive serious sales lead generation - we are scheduling our 2016 timetable and would be pleased to hear from all our suppliers and supporters (current or prospective).

T&D Marketing Equation
T&D Infographics

T&D Infographics

See clearly and quickly how T&D service their 12 industry sectors in our new group of Infographics.


Look out for 3M, Roxtec, CATU, SA Equip, ASCO, Ellis Patents, Empteezy, Prysmian, Nexans, Crowcon, Patol, Silver Fox, Elster, EXHEAT and Wolf.




T&D Infographics
Hazardous Area Electrical Heating




This article by T&D's Terry McDonald focuses on electrical heating equipment and has been written for all people who have an interest in understanding best working practices for installing and maintaining heaters in potentially explosive atmospheres.


T&D International support global oil, gas and petrochem projects via their Export Sales Team. Contact T&D.

Hazardous Area Electrical Heating

Why Use microtrenching for your blown fibre projects?

Microtrenching is a civils technique used for the fast deployment of fibre optic cables - can be used for FTT Premises in towns and cities and for trunk applications along with Mole ploughing and traditional digging.


In a Guest Blog from Emtelle we will learn about the benefits and best practice techniques used within microtrenching.



White Paper - ASCO

Breakthrough ASCO Solenoid Valve Technology for Upstream Oil and Gas Heating Equipment.

Asco Solenoid Valves


The Relative Merits and Limitations of Thermal Fluid, Electric and Steam Heat Tracing Systems.

Catu Electrical Safety Equipment


"CATU and T&D have a successful trading relationship dating back to 2007."


"T&D are trained in the specification of CATU electrical safety equipment, correct use and procedures when working on LV-HV cables, overhead lines, switchgear and substations.


"This month T&D have been appointed Preferred Partners of Sicame UK Ltd supplying CATU Electrical Equipment - the partnership continues to go from strength to strength."


Martin Dearnley, CATU Electrical UK.

Ellis Patents FlexiStraps


This month T&D have delivered Ellis Patents Cable Cleats, Straps & Hangers to power, oil/gas and rail projects.


Emperor Cable Cleats - Power

FlexiStraps Cable Straps - Oil & Gas

Pegasus Cable Hangers - Rail


• Read :

Ellis Patents Non-Metallic Cable Hangers For Rail & Tunnel Cable Support


Ellis Patents HV Cable Guide Clamps

Cable Jointing


Wistful flashbacks on our modern Blog.


Travel back to the "good old days" of dapper jointers splicing cables in waistcoat, ties and brogues.


A 150 Year History of the Tube
The Edison Street Pipe 1880

HRH Prince Charles & HV Cables

The Heart Of The System 1950

PILC Cable Manufacturing 1944

The Pylon Men 1966



Cable Jointing
EA Technology - Condition Assessment of HV Cables

In The Press

T&D have been requested by EA Technology to provide marketing and distribution support for their new publication : Condition Assessment of High Voltage Cables.


EA Technology is an international power engineering consultancy specialising in asset management and solutions for owners of electrical assets.


T&D are proud to be associated with EA - it is a clear endorsment of T&D's marketing reach, respect and reputation in the global power industry.

EA Technology
ATEX Infra-Red IR Heaters

Winter Warmers

Unlike other ATEX certified heaters which usually heat by convection, the Star Progetti EHSAFE IR heaters provide shortwave infra-red heat and local warming allowing targeted energy efficient hazardous area heating.


Used to heat Zone 2 hazardous area working or storage areas in warehouses or buildings with high ceilings.



ATEX Infra-Red IR Heaters
Heat Tracing Cables


With over 30 years experience T&D are The Trace Heating Specialists - we hold the largest UK stocks of leading trace heating cable brands.  


Full technical and specification service available - most competitive prices from stock delivered anywhere in the world.


Contact the commercial, industrial and hazardous area electrical trace heating specialists.

Heat Tracing Cables
ATEX Hazardous Area


T&D distribute Hazardous Area Equipment to the global oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial markets.


T&D Product Categories :










T&D UK & Exports have serviced the worldwide hazardous area industries for over 30 years and would welcome your enquiries.




LV HV Power Cabling & Jointing

LV HV Power Cabling & Jointing

Pfisterer Connex Inner Cone Plugs

Alroc CWB18-60 Bonded Semi-Con Stripping Tool

Video : Roxtec UG - Sealing Substation Cables Underground Against Constant Water Pressure

A Shutdown Postmortem - Reducing Cable Failures Caused By Sub-Standard Cable Jointing

Ashcroft – Delivering The World’s Most Trusted Measurement Instruments

H2S Gas Detection – Crowcon Gas Detector Specialists (Video Blog)

Elster H4000 Woltmann Cold Water Meter

Micronics U1000 Fixed Clamp On Heat Meter – A Smarter Solution To Thermal Energy Metering

Cablesafe Cable Hooks

Cablesafe Cable Hooks

Bring Order To Cable Chaos.


CableSafe Hooks provide temporary support to cables during plant shutdowns and turnarounds.


Slips, Trips & Falls: Cable Hooks For Reduced Accidents & Improved Safety


CableSafe Cable Hooks
T&D Commercial Times Issue 2


T&D would like to thank all their customers, suppliers and supporters for helping us achieve record UK and Export sales in 2015.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!