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T&D stock and distribute a large range of products for the global food and beverage industry – this includes the dairy, confectionery, brewing, distilling and general food processing sectors.

T&D distribute Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation, Safety and Workplace Supplies.

ATEX Products For The Food & Beverage Industry  ATEX-LOGO

T&D are specialist distributors of Electric Trace & Process Heating products to maintain precise and optimal process temperatures in the food and beverage industry – this includes hose, pipework, vessel, IBC and drum heating solutions.

T&D also stock Process Measurement & Instrumentation products for level, flow, temperature and pressure measurement – this includes hazardous area ATEX and IECEx certified products.

Food processing also requires hygienic stainless steel products – we stock stainless steel Electrical Enclosures, Cable Ties, Conduit, Banding, Strapping, Level Sensors, Flow Sensors and Process Heaters.

  • Heated Hoses
  • Electrical Process & Trace Heating 
  • PPE – Clothing, Gloves, Boots
  • Cables & Electrical Equipment
  • Process Measurement & Instrumentation
  • Level & Pressure Measurement
  • Load Securing, Strapping & Packaging
  • IBC, Drum & Surface Heating
  • Industrial Safety & Workplace Supplies
  • Hazardous Area Equipment
  • Surface Heating Mats & Pads
  • Humidity & Temperature Sensors

Rotronic Featured Supplier


Rotronic and the Food & Beverage Industry


Rotronic Distributor

ROTRONIC offer a comprehensive range of humidity & temperature instruments suitable for the food & beverage industry. Many food manufacturing processes rely on humidity control. Food preservation techniques are mainly focused on limiting the activity of water. Rotronic specialise in the following applications in this industry: evaluation of finished product, shelf life determination, storage and transport and the drying and monitoring of food stuffs.

T&D distribute Sensors, Data loggers, Indicators, Probes, Transmitters and Humidity Generators for the measurement and calibration of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters.

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Rotronic Gallery

Rotronic’s humidity and temperature sensors are used during many stages in the beverage, beer brewing and bakery industries.

Rotronic HygroPalm Used In The Beverage Industry

Rotronic HygroPalm Used In The Beverage Industry – Rotronic HygroPalm is a handheld instrument that uses AirChip3000 for climatic changes in the beverage industry. This portable instrument to measure the humidity levels when evaluating the finished product and determining the shelf life.

CO2 Monitoring In The Beer Brewing Process

CO2 Monitoring In The Beer Brewing Process – CO2 is a bi-product of the fermentation process and needs to be monitored to protect workers should there be a build-up or leak. Rotronic ‘s CF3 range of transmitters measure the concentration of CO2 and are an important indicator for the quality of room air. Workers can suffer rapid fatigue and loss of concentration when the CO2 content is high. Image : Rotronic

Rotronic Humidity & Temperature Measurement Used In Baking

Rotronic HygroFlex Series Used In The Baking Process – The Rotronic HygroFlex series with built in AirChip3000 creates perfect operating conditions for oven baking when the 1st zone requires control of dewpoint to create the perfect bread crust. Image : Rotronic – For further reading please read Rotronic’s guest blog How Much Does It Cost If Your Production Capabilities Are Down For An Hour?

Rotronic CF3-D, HygroPalm-HP21, HygroFlex1-HF1

Rotronic CF3-D, HygroPalm-HP21, HygroFlex1-HF1 – Examples of instruments used in the above applications

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