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T&D are a world market leading supplier of Mining & Quarrying Equipment, Plant and Products.

T&D specialise in Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation, Safety and Workplace Supplies.


T&D provide supply chain integration for mining and quarrying equipment procurement. 50,000+ products from 1,000+ categories. 100+ leading brands from single-source. If we do not stock it, we can source it.


T&D supply Flameproof, Intrinsically Safe and Hazardous Area Equipment with ATEX and IECEx certification for deep underground, surface mining and quarrying applications – this includes products in conformance to international standards MSHA (USA), LOBA (Germany), FRAS (Australia), MA (China) and DGMS (India).

Hazardous Area Lighting - Hadar, FEAM, Stahl & Wolf Safety
T&D have over 30 years experience in supplying products, having served many different projects to countries the world over on every continent. If you can not see the mining & quarrying product you require from the list of manufacturers to the right or from the products below, please contact T&D directly.


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VEGA and the Mining & Quarrying Industry

VEGA sensors deliver absolutely reliable measurement data in the mining, transport, processing and storage of all raw materials and finished products. The building materials and quarrying industry places extremely high demands on the durability, quality and cost-efficiency of the sensors.

T&D offer a wide range sensors for the measurement of level, point level and pressure that are suitable for use in the mining and quarrying industry.

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VEGA Gallery


VEGA sensors are used in many stages of mining and quarrying. Please see examples below:

VEGAPULS 67 Radio Level Sensor - Quarries

Level Monitoring and Overfill Protection (Sand, Gravel & Stone Quarry) – VEGA VEGAPULS 67 is a radar sensor providing uninterrupted level measurement in the rock crusher of bulk solids. Radar level sensors are unaffected by high noise and dust pollution unlike ultrasonic sensors. Qualified up to SIL2.  Image : VEGA For further reading please read our blog Radar Level Measurement – How Does it Work?

Stockpile monitoring and belt empty signal at bulk solids stockpile

Stockpile Monitoring and Belt Empty Signal at Bulk Solids Stockpile – VEGA VEGAMIP 61 is able to detect when the conveyor belt is running empty by using non-contact level detection. Once the stream of material has ceased the empty signal is sent and the conveyor belt can be moved to another image. Image : VEGA

Non-contact level measurement with radar

Non-contact Level Measurement with Radar – VEGA VEGAFLEX 62 is a guided wave radar level sensor that provides reliable level measurement in small and medium-sized silos with fine-grained media. Accurate results are provided as the sensor isn’t affected by the composition of the medium or the angle of the repose. Image : VEGA For further reading please read our blog Content Measurement & Overfill Protection In Cement Storage Silos

Level measurement of asphalt mixtures and overfill protection

Level Measurement of Asphalt Mixtures and Overfill Protection – VEGA VEGABAR 55 is a level sensor that is unaffected by arduous conditions and the foam in the tank. The instrument maintains accuracy even when process temperatures reach +200ºC.

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