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Belisha Beacons – Solar Powered

Solar belisha beacons

Thorne & Derrick Are Leading Distributors Of Solar Belisha Beacons

Belisha Beacons

Belisha beacons from Thorne & Derrick provide an extremely cost effective solution for road crossings, pedestrian walkways, and cycle paths, shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets, schools, colleges and universities, car parks and many more applications.

The beacons supplied by Thorne & Derrick are solar powered meaning they do rely on an electricity supply and therefore have a much lower financial impact and a lower cost of ownership.

Belisha Beacons – Solar Powered – Product Advantages

  • Enables pedestrian crossings to be installed in areas that may otherwise be too expensive due to lack of electricity supply
  • Complies with BS 8442-2006 (Department of Transport specification for pedestrian crossings.)
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • An optional intelligent timer module option that can be programmed to switch beacons on to operate at particular times of the day and day of the year
  • Minimum maintenance required, just wipe globe and solar panel every 6 months.
  • Zero energy consumption and CO2 emissions after installation
  • 50,000 hours LED bulb and 5 years expected battery life
  • Cost effective replacement for faulty mains beacons

    Belisha beacons for sainsburys

    Belisha beacons for Sainsburys supermarkets

Solar belisha beacons provided by T&D can be used anywhere required and are specified for use by Sainsburys supermarkets for use in their car parks and crossings. Solar powered belisha beacons are installed at more than 150 Sainsburys supermarket stores in the UK.

Solar powered belisha beacons have been developed by modifying the Interplex Solar IS820 solar marine/aviation beacon that has a proven track record of ruggedness and age tested over 10 years. The result is identical to a traditional belisha beacon and gives 360 degree visibility.

T&D’s solar power Belisha Beacon will operate automatically from dusk till dawn anywhere in the UK.

Thorne and Derrick also supply the 3m poles/posts that the solar power belisha beacons are installed on to.

Solar Belisha Beacons And Tungsten Pedestrian Globe – Comparison

Specifications Unit Tungsten Pedestrian Globe Solar Powered Belisha Beacons
Wattage W 60 7.2
Hours/ YR by use of Photocell Hrs 4100 4100
Total comsumption per year Hrs/PA 246,000 0
Convert to kwhrs kWhr 246 0
Cost of electricity / kwhr Pence 11.5 N/A
Cost of electricity / kwhrs p.a Pounds £28.29 £0
Cost of Clean & Lamp Change based on 5 year intervals Pounds £180 £40
CO emissions Metric Tonnes 0.13 0



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