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Cable Transits

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Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable Transits

Thorne & Derrick Are Leading International Cable Transit Distributors 

Cable transits and duct seals provide long term, reliable sealing solutions to protecting cable ducts and entries against fire, water, gas, rodents and blast load. Cable transits and duct seals for multiple cables and pipes are constructed from layers of rubber with rectangular and  circular frames available constructed from galvanised or stainless steel.

Roxtec cable seals are designed for easy installation and reliability. The Multidiameter system developed by Roxtec allows cables of varying diameters to be installed using the same size transit seals by simply removing the layers until the desired cable or pipe seal is achieved.

This produces the perfect seal, simplifies installation and reduces the levels of stock needed. The Roxtec cable transit system also provides built in capacity to allow for any future upgrades and other cable installations.

Roxtec manufacture the full system for sealing cable and pipe ducts with the product offering including both rectangular and circular transit frames, Multidiameter rubber modules and compact frames for smaller installations.

Cable Transits – Selection And Application. How To Select The Correct Cable Transit

Key factors to consider for the correct selection and recommendation of cable transits:

  • Environmental demands
    • IP requirements
    • Vapor-tight Requirements
  • Blast load demands
    • Peak over-pressure requirements
    • Duration
  • Material requirements for frame and hardware
    • Type of mounting
    • Bolting
    • Casting
    • Welding
  • Surface Treatment
    • Primed
    • Natural Anodised
    • Powder coated
  • Fire Protection
    • Civil construction
    • Marine
    • Offshore
    • One side/ Double side
  • Frame material
    • Mild steel
    • Galvanised steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium
    • Plastic
  • Operating temperature demands
  • Operating temperature demands
  • Material requirements for frame and hardware

Roxtec Cable And Pipe Transits – Product Selection And Application Checklist

Cable Transits – Flexible Cable Sealing Solutions Keeping Wind Turbines Running In The Renewable Energy Industry

Roxtec cable seals protect wind farms and turbines against water and dust ingress and damage from vibration and rodents. This protection and correct installation cannot only protect and prolong the life of the cables but also prevents warranty claims and reduces plant downtime.

Transits from Roxtec are used in both onshore and offshore wind farm applications.

Roxtec Cable Transits - Cable Sealing Solutions For The Renewable Energy Industry

Roxtec Cable Transits – Cable Sealing Solutions For The Renewable Energy Industry

Roxtec flexible Multidiameter modules have removable layers to provide the perfect seal for cables of varying diameters. Roxtec provides a user friendly system, enabling faster installation and room for future adaptability. The solutions are used on all parts of the wind turbine from transits for the converter and generator to transits for the foundations and in between fire zones.

Roxtec transits can also be installed in retention systems below nacelle and in the tower as well as for hub, radar, weather station and aeronautical obstruction lighting.

Roxtec Triplex cable seals

Roxtec cable transit products are divided into two main groups – RM and CM. The application and requirements of each sealing application will determine which type of product is required.

Roxtec RM frames modules and seals are used to seal wider ducts and are based on a standard 60mm depth. RM products are used on areas such as penetration sealing of cables, metal and plastic pipes in walls and bulkheads.

CM frames, modules and seals are used are based on a standard depth of 15-40mm and are typically used on entry sealing of cables and smaller hoses. Both groups of products are available in the EMC application area and Ex applications.

Cable transits and duct seals are used in many global industries including offshore oil and gas, construction, marine, OEM, power, windpower, process industries and telecom.

Video: Roxtec Cable Transits – Roxtec R Cable Transit Frames

Oil And Gas Industry Focus: Roxtec Cable And Pipe Transits For Offshore Oil And Gas Applications

Roxtec cable transits and pipe seals are designed to be used in tough conditions and can be used on many applications in most industries. Within the offshore oil and gas industry, Roxtec seals are used on rigs for both drilling and oil production.

They protect both assets and life by preventing fire and leaks that could potentially cause disaster.The seals also provide bonding and grounding solutions in addition to being certified to all major international classifications. 

T&D in The Oil And Gas Industry - Click To View More

T&D in The Oil And Gas Industry – Click To View More

Cable Transit Blogs

Roxtec UG solution provides a long lasting seal against high pressure water ingress

Roxtec UG Solution Provides A Lasting Seal Against High Pressure Water Ingress

Roxtec UG – Sealing Cables Underground Against Constant Water Pressure

Roxtec HV Cable Transits Used To Seal Ducts On Substations

Roxtec HV Cable Transits Used To Seal Ducts On Substations

Sealing Cables In High Voltage Substations Using Roxtec Cable Transits


Q1/ Can I install wider diameter cables retrospectively once an installation has been completed?

A1/ Yes. Roxtec cable transits are built upon the patented Multidiameter technology. This consists of peelable layers that can be easily removed at any time to accommodate wider diameter cables. This level of flexibility results in lower levels of stock having to be carried and therefore lower overall costs.


Roxtec are the world leader for seals in multiple cables and pipes. The company was founded in 1990 and their solutions provide superior protection and are used in many industries including oil and gas.

How Can T&D Help?

As major distributors for Roxtec cable transits, Thorne & Derrick can provide expert technical knowledge and support when specifying cable transits.  Roxtec also provide cable transit designer software to further facilitate the design of appropriate cable transits in a quick, safe and easy way.  Should you require any assistance when selecting or installing cable transits, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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