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Voltage Detectors

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Catu Voltage Detectors

Thorne & Derrick Are Leading International Distributors Of Catu Voltage Detectors

Catu voltage detectors are suitable for use on medium and high voltage applications including distribution, overhead line and transmission systems.

The range of voltage detectors from Catu, including IEC rated, offer reliable and precise detection for maximum electrical safety. Detection is provided by double notification – audible alarm and flashing visible light.

Detectors are used for varying voltages and applications and are rated for use on 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 33kV and above when determining if an overhead line or similar installation is carrying power and to what level.

Video: Catu CC363K – CATU Voltage Detector 5-36kV

Typically, voltage detectors are used in conjunction with rubber insulating gloves or an electrical hot stick. This is to ensure the operator is fully protected against any live electrical power that is still present or if the cables are live.

Industry applications include LV HV cable jointing, power supply and distribution, rail and telecommunications.

Voltage Detector Selection And Application. How To Select The Correct Voltage Detection Equipment.

Key factors to consider when selecting a voltage detector:

  • Low or high voltage – is the detector required to test the power of a low or high voltage application.
  • Are there any other detection instruments or electrical protection products required.
  • What operating voltage does the product need to detect – voltage detectors are separated by their different operating limits.

Catu Voltage Detectors – MV Products

Product Reference Power Operating Voltage (KV) Battery Type Weight
Catu CC-765-55/20 50/60 Hz 5.5 – 20 kV 9 V 350 g
Catu CC-765-3/10 50/60 Hz 3 – 10 kV 9 V 350 g
Catu CC-765-10/36 50/60 Hz 10 – 36 kV 9 V 350 g
Catu CC-765-10/30 50/60 Hz 10 – 30 kV 9 V 350 g

Catu HV Voltage Detectors

Product Reference Power Operating Voltage Battery Type Weight
Catu CC-365-3/10 50 Hz 3 – 10 kV 1.5 V 500 g
Catu CC-365-10/30 50 Hz 10 – 30 kV 1.5 V 500 g

Video: 11kV-33kV Voltage Detection Using CATU CC765-10/36 Detector



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